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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
DA10/0628.0112/05/2022Food & Drink Premises - Amend hours of operation until 9pmAmended ApplicationsMinor82 Murray St WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 Next Galaxy Pty Ltd
DA18/0599.019/11/2021Dwelling with swimming pool & shed - Removal of existing five trees from the siteAmended ApplicationsMinor136 Main St LAKE ALBERT NSW 2650Sara Jane Hartley
DA19/0039.0323/03/202298 Lot Subdivision - Alteration to Timing of Offset and Buffer Plantings. Amendments to Bushfire Plans.Amended ApplicationsMinor140 Valencia Dr GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650 Shbran Pty Limited
DA19/0056.0123/03/2022Industrial shed for use as road seal business depot - Addition of two demountable buildings for office space, enlargement of main shed and minor changes to carparking and landscaping.Amended ApplicationsMinor254 Copland St EAST WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 Complete Road Seal
DA19/0311.0214/04/2022Alterations and Additions to existing Museum of the Riverina including one new building and one new storage shed with associated landscaping and signage - Amended site plan to include car-park to rear and accessible parking bay.Amended ApplicationsMinorMuseum 127 Lord Baden Powell Dr TURVEY PARK NSW 2650 Wagga Wagga City Council
DA20/0724.0121/04/2022Multi dwelling housing for seniors or people with a disability - Amend location of southern drivewayAmended ApplicationsMinor70 Pinaroo Dr GLENFIELD PARK NSW 2650 Opening Doors Foundation Ltd
DA21/0232.015/04/20228 x 3 Bedroom Units with Strata Subdivision, replacement of existing 1.8 metre high fence and tree removal – Modification to internal layout to Units 1, 2, 5 and 8Amended ApplicationsMinor114 Trail St WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 The Trustee For EAS Investment Trust
DA21/0471.0126/04/2022Boundary adjustment (Stage 1) and construction of a two storey dwelling (Stage 2)Amended ApplicationsMinor9 Benaud Pl BOOROOMA NSW 2650Knut Menden
DA21/0495.015/04/2022Alterations and additions to a community facility – Modification to amend first floor and basement floor plans and provide link to existing buildingAmended ApplicationsMinor131 Lord Baden Powell Dr TURVEY PARK NSW 2650Camilla Rocks
DA21/0696.0112/04/2022Dual occupancy and community title subdivision - Amend condition one (1) Approved Plans - Changes to approved site planAmended ApplicationsMinor14 Ah Ket Ave LLOYD NSW 2650 Paul Bourne Homes Pty Ltd
DA21/0835.0120/04/2022Dwelling - Minor Changes to setback, orientation, cut and fillAmended ApplicationsMinor8/615 Gelston Park Rd GELSTON PARK NSW 2650Nathan David Tyler