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Applications are defined and categorised by Groups and Categories. This categorisation helps us to better clarify and process your application. Please select the type of Application from the list below.

Note: If you would like to apply the Application related charges to your Debtors Account (if applicable), you must select from the Online Certificates (Debtors) section.

All other Applications require you to pay the applicable fees by Credit Card at the time of lodgement.

Please note that Wagga Wagga City Council does not issue or receive payments for Water usage services, only Sewer usage services. Please contact Riverina Water County Council for all Water Usage Payments and Enquiries.

Also note that a Septic Licence Certificate will only show whether an existing Septic System has been licenced, and if so, the details and conditions of that Licence. It should not be used to apply for approval of a new Septic System, or renewal of existing system.

For further Information, please click the Help icon beside each of the Application links below.