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Property Details
Property Address144 Morgan St WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650
Land ID13216
Legal DescriptionLot 4 DP 308132
Property TypeResidential Standard Property
Land Area UnitsM
Land Area505.90

Kerbside Waste Collection
Bin ZoneFriday, Zone 1

Annual Rates
Rates-Residential Wagga Wagga$2,313.52
Kerbside Waste Domestic$357.00
Sewer Residential$560.00
Stormwater Contribution-Residential$25.00
Levee Upgrade Contribution Residential Wagga$94.83

Related Applications
No information is available.

LEP Zone
LEP ZoneR1 General Residential

Current Valuation
Date of ValueValue TypeValue
1/07/2019Land Value307000
1/07/2019Section 14(A)0
1/07/2019Section 14L(B)0
1/07/2019Section 14T0
1/07/2019Section 5850
1/07/2019Levee Upgrade Contribution Residential Wagga307000
1/07/2019Rates-Residential Wagga Wagga307000
1/07/2019Sewer Residential1
1/07/2019Stormwater Contribution-Residential1
1/07/2019Kerbside Waste Domestic1

DescriptionWithin Conservation Area

State Plans
SEPP No.1 - Development Standards
SEPP No.4 - Development Without Consent
SEPP No.6 - Number of Storeys in a Building
SEPP No.21 - Caravan Parks
SEPP No.30 - Intensive Agriculture
SEPP No.32 - Urban Consolidation
SEPP No.33 - Hazardous and Offensive Development
SEPP No.34 - Employment Generating Industrial Dvl
SEPP No.36 - Manufactured Home Estates
SEPP No.44 - Koala Habitat Protection
SEPP No.50 - Canal Estates
SEPP No.55 - Remediation of Land
SEPP No.62 - Sustainable Aquaculture
SEPP No.64 - Advertising and Signage
SEPP No.65 - Design Quality of Resident Flat Dvp
SEPP - Affordable Rental Housing
SEPP - Exempt and Complying Development
SEPP - Mining Petrol
SEPP - Rural Lands
SEPP - Senior Living
SEPP - Temporary Structures

Published Documents

The below documents have been identified as being either Directly or Indirectly related to the current property.
Indirectly related documents relate to a property(ies) from which the current property has been subdivided

DescriptionDocument DateSize (MB)Relationship
CRIA15-1109 - 144 Morgan Street24/09/20150.72Direct 
Development Application - 79C Report Document DA16/0692 41736522/09/20170.25Direct 
REV17-0004 - 144 Morgan St WAGGA WAGGA - Notice of Determination.pdf02/01/20180.68Direct 
Building Surveyor Construction Certificate Permit CC18 0118 45498723/05/20180.94Direct 
AA Inspection Report AA18 0399 46110303/07/20180.02Direct 
Compliance Certificate Inspection Report - Slab CC18 0118 46188806/07/20180.07Direct 
AA Inspection Report AA18 0399 47453314/09/20180.07Direct 
Compliance Certificate Inspection Report - Frame CC18 0118 47735702/10/20180.07Direct 

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