Local Infrastructure Contributions Calculator

Most development is charged an infrastructure contribution. The money collected is held by Council and used to fund infrastructure projects, such as roads, active travel routes, open spaces, and community facilities across the Wagga Wagga area.

For further information about infrastructure contributions, please go to Council's Infrastructure Contributions page.

Please note:
The following calculation should be used as a guide only in representing the amount owing.

Council's Contributions Coordinator is available during the week to assist with development applications. Please call 1300 292 442.

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Please contact Council's Contributions Coordinator on 1300 292 442

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The information you provided suggests as of , a Section 7.11 contribution/7.12 levy is not required in the estimated amount of: .

Your works may include sewer and stormwater contributions. For an estimate, please contact Council's Contributions Coordinator on 1300 292 442

This estimate is valid for this financial year and will be indexed 1 July annually.

For additional details, please consult the plan documentation located on Council's Infrastructure Contributions page.