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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
DA22/021611/05/2022Alterations and Addition to a Community FacilityDevelopment ApplicationCommunity Facility24 Gregadoo Rd LAKE ALBERT NSW 2650Camilla Rocks
DA22/02292/05/2022Demolition of existing shed and new shed with attached toiletDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings38 Jasmin Cres LAKE ALBERT NSW 2650Shaun Harper
DA22/023011/05/2022Dwelling with attached garage and shedDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)11 Sirius Way GUMLY GUMLY NSW 2652Todd Charles Gillard
DA22/023712/05/2022Satellite ground network earth station in association with existing telecommunications facilityDevelopment ApplicationCommercial Developments761 Cookardinia Rd PULLETOP NSW 2650 Ventia Pty Limited
DA22/02402/05/2022ShedDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings83 Plumpton Rd LAKE ALBERT NSW 2650William Ernest Casley
DA22/02423/05/2022Alterations to existing vehicle repair station and new accessDevelopment ApplicationIndustrial Development3 Blaxland Rd EAST WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650Malcolm John Nixon
DA22/02432/05/2022Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and construction of new shedDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings26 Dalton St TURVEY PARK NSW 2650George Alexander Burley
DA22/02444/05/2022DwellingDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)12/61 Spring St WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 Kullaroo Holdings Pty Ltd
DA22/02453/05/2022Alterations and additions to existing shed to be used as a detached music studioDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings17 Greenway St LLOYD NSW 2650Stephen James Dogao
DA22/02464/05/20222 x 3 Bedroom Units and Community Title SubdivisionDevelopment ApplicationMulti Residential68 Grinton Ave ASHMONT NSW 2650Graeme Trevor Dawson
DA22/024711/05/2022Alterations and additions to dwelling (screen room)Development ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings5 Julie Pl TOLLAND NSW 2650Shaun Harper
DA22/02483/05/2022Addition to dwelling (covered deck), installation of spa and detached garage and studioDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings9 McDonough Ave MOUNT AUSTIN NSW 2650Emily Louise Everett
DA22/02495/05/2022Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and demolition of existing shedDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings10 Samson Ave ESTELLA NSW 2650Matthew Robert De Marco
DA22/02504/05/2022Two Lot Subdivision of Two Lots (Boundary Adjustment)Development ApplicationSubdivisions226-230 Hammond Ave EAST WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 Wagga Surveyors Pty Ltd
DA22/02524/05/2022ShedDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings20 Marama Pde MOUNT AUSTIN NSW 2650Rohan Scott McGregor