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Search Dates21/11/2021 to 27/11/2021
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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
AA21/072629/10/2021PartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private) for New Shopping Complex - Speciality Shops 1 to 8Activity ApprovalsPartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)2 Phar Lap Pl BOOROOMA NSW 2650 ICG Fleming Pty Ltd
CC21/052013/10/2021Alterations and additions to the existing split level dwelling, with attached deck, carport, inground swimming pool with associated barrier and associated concrete sleeper retaining wallsConstruction CertificateCouncil Domestic10 Blamey St TURVEY PARK NSW 2650Michelle Christina Neiberding
DA21/07141/11/2021Shed with toilet and vanityDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings5 Fisher Pl LLOYD NSW 2650Brett John Koschel
DA21/065914/10/2021ShedDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings219 Butterbush Rd GREGADOO NSW 2650Bryce Russell Douglas Campbell
DA21/053431/08/2021Change of use to medical centre including additions to existing building and carpark, carport, boundary fence, signage, and demolition of existing dwelling and ancillary structure (fronting Edward Street) and consolidations of lotsDevelopment ApplicationCommercial Developments290 Edward St WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650Camilla Rocks
AA21/072729/10/2021PartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)Activity ApprovalsPartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)22 Bonner St LLOYD NSW 2650 Structure Building Pty Ltd
CC21/052514/10/2021Dwelling with attached alfresco and associated sleeper retaining walls.Construction CertificateCouncil Domestic4 Lallal Pl GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650Kate Gray Plum
CC21/05788/11/2021Change Existing Dwelling to Transitional Group Home - Convert Existing Rampus Room to Accessible Bedroom and Accessible Bathroom and build a Ramp to Access DoorConstruction CertificateCouncil Domestic30 Bogong Cres TATTON NSW 2650 Baptist Care
CDC21/02579/09/2021PatioComplying Development CertificatesCouncil6 Waverley Pl BOURKELANDS NSW 2650Shaun Harper
DA21/03554/06/2021Alterations and additions including internal fitoutDevelopment ApplicationCommercial Developments143 Hammond Ave EAST WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 Home Consortium Property Pty Ltd
DA21/053117/08/2021Alterations and AdditionsDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings83 Plumpton Rd LAKE ALBERT NSW 2650Karen Casley
DA21/05878/09/2021 SignageDevelopment ApplicationAdvertising Signs204-210 Baylis St WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 Major Media C/- Platinum Planning Solutions
DA21/062330/09/2021ShedDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings100 Butterbush Rd GREGADOO NSW 2650Tracey Ann O'Reilly
DA21/067720/10/2021DwellingDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)12 Wyoming Ave GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650 P A Hurst Building Contractors Pty Ltd
DA21/070128/10/2021Construction of single dwelling and retaining wallsDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)22 Bonner St LLOYD NSW 2650 Structure Building Pty Ltd