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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
DA21/06346/10/2021Shed, Outdoor Covered Area and DrivewayDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings11 Zara St GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650John Phillip Rockliff
DA21/060117/09/2021In-ground swimming pool including boundary fenceDevelopment ApplicationPoolKinilabah 45 Kelvin St NORTH WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650Patrick Anthony Sydenham
DA21/07132/11/2021Inground PoolDevelopment ApplicationPoolOakhill Paddock 1134 Pulletop Rd BIG SPRINGS NSW 2650Winston Albert Weston Woods
CC21/027931/05/2021Childcare Centre BuildingConstruction CertificateCouncil Commercial24 Higgins Ave WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650Carole Ann Harmer
CC21/01656/04/2021Extension to the existing museum and a detached shedConstruction CertificateCouncil CommercialMuseum 127 Lord Baden Powell Dr TURVEY PARK NSW 2650 Wagga Wagga City Council
DA15/0250.0327/04/2021Demolition & Replacement of Site Office (Transportable) - Amendment to Location and Additional AccessAmended ApplicationsMinor15 Wentworth St EAST WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650John Stewart Shaw
AA21/066714/10/2021PartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)Activity ApprovalsPartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)2 Wyoming Ave GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650Sandra Marie Gunning
CDC21/029621/10/2021Installation of In-ground Swimming Pool and Child-Resistant BarrierComplying Development CertificatesCouncil379 Lake Albert Rd KOORINGAL NSW 2650 Winwood Nsw Pty Ltd
DA21/0287.0111/10/2021Use of Existing Internal Alterations to Building and Change of Use to Hardware and Building Supplies - Amendment to ContributionsAmended ApplicationsMinor134 Hammond Ave EAST WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 Nine Ways Holdings Pty Ltd
DA21/054720/08/2021Dual Occupancy and community title subdivisionDevelopment ApplicationMulti Residential6 Dallas Ave GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650 AHWW Pty Ltd
DA21/06458/10/2021DwellingDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)12 Sirius Way GUMLY GUMLY NSW 2652 Moshude Pty Ltd T/As GJ Gardner Homes Wagga
DA21/065714/10/2021Single Storey DwellingDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)2 Wyoming Ave GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650Sandra Marie Gunning
DA21/066115/10/2021ShedDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings3 Benaud Pl BOOROOMA NSW 2650 RWP Constructions
DA21/066518/10/2021ShedDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings12 Greenway St LLOYD NSW 2650 Council Approval Group Pty Ltd
DA21/068020/10/2021Alterations and Additions to Secondary Dwelling, pool shade structureDevelopment ApplicationMinor Domestic Additions & Outbuildings4 Genista Pl SPRINGVALE NSW 2650Gioia Anna Portolan Gianniotis