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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionCategory DescriptionFormatted AddressApplicant Names
AA22/013212/05/2022PartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)Activity ApprovalsPartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)55 Meurant Ave WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650Lahn Bruce Webb Shepherd
AA22/023911/05/2022PartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)Activity ApprovalsPartB4 - Sewer / PartB5 Stormwater (Private)9 Billabong Cres GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650 Paul Bourne Homes Pty Ltd
AA22/014117/03/2022Installation of a Manufactured 4 bedroom Home pursuant to Part A1 of the Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993Activity ApprovalsPartA1 - Manufac Home movable dwell structure land29 Bristol St COLLINGULLIE NSW 2650Harley Axle Davidson
DA22/01274/03/2022Removal of existing manufactured home and construction of dwellingDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)135 Eleven Mile Lane YARRAGUNDRY NSW 2650 P.A.H. Innovative Construction
DA21/0835.0120/04/2022Dwelling - Minor Changes to setback, orientation, cut and fillAmended ApplicationsMinor8/615 Gelston Park Rd GELSTON PARK NSW 2650Nathan David Tyler
DA21/0495.015/04/2022Alterations and additions to a community facility – Modification to amend first floor and basement floor plans and provide link to existing buildingAmended ApplicationsMinor131 Lord Baden Powell Dr TURVEY PARK NSW 2650Camilla Rocks
DA18/0599.019/11/2021Dwelling with swimming pool & shed - Removal of existing five trees from the siteAmended ApplicationsMinor136 Main St LAKE ALBERT NSW 2650Sara Jane Hartley
DA22/015016/03/2022DwellingDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)2-8 Power St LAKE ALBERT NSW 2650Todd Charles Gillard
DA22/010324/02/2022Community Title Subdivision and Dual OccupancyDevelopment ApplicationMulti Residential1 Mitta Mitta Pl GOBBAGOMBALIN NSW 2650 Paul Bourne Homes Pty Ltd
CC22/01465/04/2022ShedConstruction CertificateCouncil Domestic4 Hakea Pl SPRINGVALE NSW 2650Andrew John Tonkin
DA22/021719/04/2022Dwelling with attached garageDevelopment ApplicationDwellings (New)2 Pine Court SPRINGVALE NSW 2650 Moshude Pty. Ltd.
AA22/022812/05/2022PartB4 - Sewer (Private)Activity ApprovalsPartB4 - Sewer (Private)51 Simmons St WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650Shaun Joseph Bradley
AA21/07333/11/2021PartB5 - Stormwater (Public)Activity ApprovalsPartB5 - Stormwater (Public)111 Hammond Ave EAST WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 Profiance Properties
DA19/003631/01/2019Waste Disposal Facility (Non Putrescible Landfill)Development ApplicationCommercial Developments225 Trahairs Rd BOMEN NSW 2650 Riverina Sustainability Centre Pty Ltd
CC22/016019/04/2022Convert Existing Garage to Secondary DwellingConstruction CertificateCouncil Domestic8 Glenoak Dr SPRINGVALE NSW 2650Paris Poulos